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We provide innovative chess coaching. Our misson is to bring for every chess fan ability to learn chess from real masters

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Be a Master Chess Player!


Quit reading thick chess literature and head-cracking tutorial strategy books. There is a better way to learn than boring yourself. Learn to play chess through personal intensive coaching from our trainers and international chess grandmasters, Iuro Shkuro and AnnaUshenina


International grandmaster Iuri Shkuro 

International grandmaster Iuri Shkuro (Head Coach)


Chess is a tactical board game where you can develop your own strategies, create strong defense, win battles and join local and international competitions.

It is the most popular mind-game played by hundreds of thousands around the world. If you are looking for a place to learn chess, you are on the right page. Here, you will be able to connect with our chess masters who will teach you the rudiments on how to play chess and how to apply killer strategies.  


International grandmaster Anna Ushenina 

 International grandmaster Anna Ushenina


Whether you are a student who is planning to join the next school chess competition, or a long-time chess player who is tired of losing to better prepared opposition, or perhaps a hobbyist who just discovered your new found interest on the game, this is your chance to be trained by the best

We are online! You don’t have to cram and set aside long hours from your busy schedule just to attend chess school.

Our tutorial classes include:

  • Practice game with grandmasters
  • One-on-one fun lessons
  • Offline course materials
  • Digital training books
  • Regular Game Tests and support

Through our sessions, we will help you practice and develop confidence that will help you win in your future chess battles.

It’s time to learn the real thing and watch your opponent’s amused face when you say the word, Checkmate!!

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