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We provide innovative chess coaching. Our misson is to bring for every chess fan ability to learn chess from real masters

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Become a Master Chess Player!


Quit reading thick chess literature and head-cracking tutorial strategy books. There is a better way to learn than boring yourself. Learn how to play chess through personal intensive coaching from our trainers international grandmaster Iuri Shkuro and his assistant Denis Penza



International grandmaster Iuri Shkuro (Head Coach)

 Elo 2828

Education: higher, psychoanalyst. Experience of chesscoaching: 17 years. Representative of the commission UCF (Ukrainian Chess Federation) in relationships with government and public organizations.


Set agressive and forceful opening repertoire for White and Black according to my exclusive development and chess methods.


Author of new methodics in chess coaching, for example, teaching openings by understanding the middlegame positions and solving puzzles from certain opening. Author of more than 55 innovative chess books and 50 correspondence courses!


Most popular of them:


- Exclusive book "Learn to play 1...Nc6!"

- Innovative book "Increase your level up to 300 ELO points"

- Correspondence course "Enthralling Way from Beginner to Candidate Master"  

- Correspondense course "All Stages of Chessgame for Tournament Battler" (all levels)


My students are chessplayers from beginners up to international masters and grandmasters. They became winners of World and European championships, national and international tournaments.
My son and the youngest pupil of my chess "School of Champions" five-year-old Mikhail Shkuro became champion of the region (U-8) in 2016.

Achieve goals for the shortest possible terms! With a student's proper ability to work - result guarantee!


Candidate master Denis Penza (international grandmaster's assistant)

National rating - 2201 (max 2225)

Blitz Fide rating - 2125 (max 2180)

Experience of chess coaching: 10 years.

Coauthor (together with GM Iuri Shkuro (ELO 2828) of new methodics in chess coaching, for example, teaching openings by understanding the middlegame positions and solving puzzles from certain opening. Coauthor of more than 20 innovative chess books (“101 trap in Evans Gambit”, “101 trap in Dutch Defense”, “Way to the victory of absolute World Champion A.Ushenina” etc.) and about 30 correspondence courses!


Whether you are a student who is planning to join the next school chess competition, or a long-time chess player who is tired of losing better prepared opponents, or perhaps a hobbyist who just discovered a new found interest of the game, this is your chance to be trained by the best

We are online! You don’t have to cram and set aside long hours from your busy schedule just to attend chess school.

Our tutorial classes include:

  • Practice game with grandmaster and his assistant 
  • One-on-one fun lessons
  • Offline course materials
  • Digital training books
  • Regular Game Tests and support

Through our sessions, we will help you practice and develop confidence that will help you win in your future chess battles.

It’s time to learn the real thing and watch your opponent’s amused face when you say the word, Checkmate!!

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